China just Banned Muslim call to prayer

As many countries around the western world not only allow Muslims to pray openly, they also assist by allowing them to ignorantly  block off of roads or the redirecting of traffic so not to offend or interfere with their prays.

Some countries such as China, being the latest to ban Muslims from praying outside any designated mosque areas only. This comes as China has recognized that with immigration also comes radical Islam demands such as Sharia Law rioting, Halal food preparation standards & obnoxious pray calling in public.

Another rule is that no Muslim person will be permitted in wearing any clothing & logos that is considered to be associated to extremist. Well there goes the ISIS flag….this in itself is refreshing to see and a great start to putting a halt on their agenda on Western countries.

Some non Islamic countries are prepared to take the risk of allowing this, some pander to their demands and requests. Others turn a blind eye, many people are starting to notice the true agenda of Islamists: to establish an Islamic state in which the unbelievers are subjugate to Islamic rule and must pay jizyah to be allowed citizenship.

The Local Government in The Xinjiang region in western China, has just officially ordered the ban of all Muslim prayer meetings and other religious practices in all government buildings, schools, and business offices, (source) The Times of India reports.

The region’s local parliament passed a legislative laws & ordered to take effect as of Jan 1st 2015 with fines of up to $5,000 have been implemented for the use of mobile phone & the internet that may have content deemed to be considered to undermine the national unity and may risk to incite ethnic hatred.

This new rule has also extended to the distribution and viewing of videos about jihad, or holy war, religious extremism and terrorism in or outside religious venues, and requires religious leaders to report such activities to the local authorities and police.

“An increasing number of problems involving religious affairs have emerged in Xinjiang,” Ma Mingcheng, deputy director of the Xinjiang People’s Congress and director of its legislative affairs committee, told the local media.
Chinese officials have earlier said that Xinjiang has seen a sharp growth in religious fundamentalism, which may be affecting young minds and turning some of them towards terrorism. The region, which borders Pakistan, is a hotbed of a violent separatist movement run by the East Turkmenistan Islamic Movement.”

This a wonderful start to a 2015 New Year, as some countries start to recognize the threat and taking a stand against the Islamization of western countries around the world. In the public view this shows positive moves towards preventing further developments into western countries & is also a show of strong stance against Islamization.

Hopefully other nations soon to follow suit. Preferably sooner rather than later……

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