Men Bashed unconscious by Middle Eastern men in Melbourne.

Police have recently released disturbing footage of 2 young men being beaten up to the point that resulted in them being knocked unconscious.

This incident apparently took place in a Brunswick Lane way in Melbourne on 30th November 2014.

It was allegedly reported that the 2 young men were out at a club called Penny Black on Sydney Road in Melbourne with their girlfriends. The 2 Men aged 21 and 23 had stepped in & argued with a man that apparently had been forcing their girlfriends to kiss by pushing their heads together on the dance floor while the girls were dancing. This alone doesn’t sound that violent yet this was just the start to what was to come. One of the Club Bouncers was forced to remove this man from the club.

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Later, at about 1.20am when the 2 young men & their girlfriends left the club they were confronted by a group of men including the man that was previously removed from the club. The footage shows the group beating and abusing the pair as they were knocked to the ground unconscious, the group continued to kick them in the head. Both the young men had to be taken to hospital with numerous injuries including Fractures, broken teeth & concussion.

Watch footage from HERE

Detective senior constable Bryan Strangman said the two men were quite traumatized by the assault.
“It’s very unexpected, very cowardly,” he said.
The offenders are described as being of Middle Eastern appearance.

Police are now looking for their attackers, believed to be of Middle Eastern appearance and aged in their 20s.
This seems to be a reoccurring situation & the public are starting to question about the safety or lack of.

What many are asking is why haven’t these thugs not been identified?

Surely with so many public areas being under surveillance now, as seen above, Authorities should be able to identify these thugs & bring them to justice!

Have these thugs been identified or arrested & charged yet?

Are these thugs still out on the loose, intimidating & threatening other young men & women when out in public?

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