In the aftermath of this terrible & horrific act on a French Newspaper & the innocent people in Paris we will stand for the freedom of speech!

One ofFeatured image the 12 victims was a brilliant cartoonist who stood for the right of freedom & so we stand for the true meaning of FREEDOM OF SPEECH Don’t let Islamists intimidate you.

We stand with the victims & those killed today. One of the cartoons in that we stand with in Featured imagesolidarity is with Charlie Hebd for the freedom of expression.

What I Featured imagepersonally cant understand is that these pictures have no nudity nor violence. There are much worse pictures out there. These images are being creative & showing the truth based on events that the terrorist themselves have only done to themselves. These picture only reflect back to what we see that has been happening around the world. They speak the truth something we should all be wanting to know & be given, TRUTH…We cant seem to speak out on their religion nor their God YET they can vocally express that they can & will kill all those that insult their prophet Mohamed! Can anyone see something wrong here?

Well i think this is just outrageous & we condone this behavior?

What I have noticed so far though, is that through this very sad & unfortunate event on the cartoonists head office in Paris, is that the MEDIA is in fact now speaking out & wanting freedom of speech.

I totally agree! Where is our freedom of speech BUT the question I have is, why haven’t they used their freedom of speech to speak out against what the government is doing or allowing to happen in our countries? There many issues not being reported & many issues that have lead up to this event.

There are already some reports coming out of social media such as twitter & Face Book from members of the public & the Muslim community trying to find where they can play the victim cards with this recent event! This in itself is wrong & disgusting! Using the allegedly reported, that one of the Police Officers killed was a Muslim. Straight away they are calling the poor me card as one of their own was killed!

Well i doubt the gunman who shot that police officer was due to his race, colour or anything other than the fact that he was a POLICE OFFICER in UNIFORM. The gunman didn’t stop & ask him his race or religion NOR did the gunman have any idea that this poor officer in the line of duty was in fact a Muslim. The pure fact that the police officer was doing his job in protecting the pubic & workers of the building & was wearing a Police Uniform, WAS the only reason he was killed. Yet already we see the same thing happening! The Muslims trying to call for the victim card….Well that is just not on! There were in fact 12 killed with many seriously injured THAT is what the Muslims should be standing up against & not just the ONE that just so happened to be a Muslim!

Haven’t we seen this happen before?

What about other terrorist attacks such as the Sydney Siege. Yet it was again labelled as another LONE WOLFS & told to be a one of crazy person. Statements made that the Majority of us Australians are all racists & Bigots. This came out from the media as a direct response to the many Muslims that came out calling the Australian people all racists. Why? Why is it that because the general public thought of the victims that died that night we are all being labelled? was it because the majority of Australian didn’t see the victims being the Muslims but rather all those that were in fact killed or harmed & thought of them & their families that were watch this event unfold in horror? was it because the majority of Australians didn’t feel that it was of any relevance & wasn’t pandering or siding with the Muslims on this day? Was it that the majority of Australian didn’t feel that the Muslims should even be considering being the victims in this? Was it because the Australian public didn’t really feel that this was something to consider & that the Muslims felt fear for their lives but rather all Australians lives were now vulnerable & not just a minority? Why is it that within hours of any event, such as the Sydney Siege & now the attack in Paris that the Muslims rise up calling the victim cards? Every time mind you!  Its always about them not the majority of the people of our country. Te majority are seeing this & are also seeing the pattern in every event that they all tend to turn on their victim cards when it suits them well not this time!

They report that we are all UN-Australian or intolerant when in fact i think the majority of the Australian public have been more than tolerant for many many years & rather the Muslims are the ones that are not tolerant of us & our way of life & freedom of speech.

Isn’t this what this cartoonist was trying to express? Our freedom of speech & freedom of expression?

YES he did & so i think the majority will side & stand with the poor innocent that were killed today as they were the true fighters for our freedom of speech.



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