IS AUSTRALIA POST RIPPING YOU OFF ? Have your say, share your incidents

Of late, there have been massive volumes of customer complaints about Australia Post but these matters seem covered up by the media.

We ask you all to briefly state any issues you have had with Aus Post in the last 12 months so as to more accurately record and compile their deteriorating services.

Asides from it’s CEO awarding himself a $2million bonus then gifting it to a family art gallery, likely fully tax deductible again, it has been secretly streamlining services to fatten the cow ready for privatization sale.

Common issues are:

Carding parcels with no attempt to deliver them even though it was paid for to be delivered

Drivers making no attempt to deliver and just drop articles off at the local post office

Mail sorters deliberately sending big parcels to local postie knowing they do not deliver such packages, whereby the local postie just leaves the parcel at the post office and fills in a card telling consumer to collect it

Refusal to re-attempt delivery of the above parcels thereby making it more costly to Aus Post to return it to sender then have sender re-ship it again across the other side of town.

Please comment on your bad experiences so as we can add them to evidence files



  1. Tegan

     /  January 7, 2015

    I have had numerous issue with the delivery person not even trying to deliver items and then drop them directly off with the Australia post office. The only reason I know the package is there is because I online track I otherwise it would have been sent back. I was so mad I rang up and complained but they just make a note and don’t care


  2. I had our parcel held hostage YEP YOU HEARD ME HOSTAGE! We ordered a car part paid in full including the postage as you do…The company obviously didn’t put enough postage on the parcel & we got the infamous card to collect the parcel…When we got there the lady would not release our parcel unless we THE RECEIVER paid the extra cost plus extra & if not they would not release it & it would remain there for a few days before they returned it to sender. My partner obviously paid it as we were unable to use our car without it needed that parcel so paid it. I know the rules so i rang up where they insisted i had to pay so i rang head office & made a complaint it took DAYS before i got the money back which she made me go back in to collect! I HATE our local P/O they rip ppl off & over charge for their items & are always very rude arrogant & every time they fail to follow the A/P rules i have had to make many formal complaints about the owner! YEP all these have been the OWNER of this P/O


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