Will the French shooting wake people up to muslims?

Lately, too many attacks by general Muslims enacting the words of the Koran. The French terrorists were yelling Allahu akbar in which they have used when killing and beheading people, which indicates it means killing is great not god is great, as there can be no possible relation to the latter. Every single Muslim practice this from the Koran, they ALL await orders from the leaders whom brainwash them.

We see many signs in all countries of a Muslim takeover plan, their Koran and leaders main objective is to take over the world and bring everyone under their brainwashing leaders, and our leaders and the media are assisting them to take over many countries, in fact still today granting more visa’s to the middle east region, a cult which only fits it’s own region with non stop war history.

The terror attack on France had a reason, one which was already in effect in Australian media. It was designed to SCARE THE PRESS from publishing anything negative against or about Muslims, indicating this is what we will do to you.

Any media whom lets this work, should not be in the media game. This online paper does not fear Muslims and shall risk publishing negative facts rather than hide important issues from the public, it is exactly this, as to why this online free newspaper was started. NEWS IS NOT NEWS IF HIDDEN FROM THE PUBLIC.

World leaders say lets get together on this, but to do what? It is an issue about every single Muslim whom abides by the Koran, it cannot be said to be separatists, they all await their leaders call to what they ALL call judgement day, the day they ALL go to war to take over all countries, they oppose freedom for the Koran, but this shooting was more about exerting a bluff on the global media, the spineless media whom beg to the Koran and help feed these issues by protecting Muslims.

The Australian media were already pro Muslim and pro Koran, and after this incident will be more protective of them by falling for this bluff fear tactic. They sold out their freedom of the press and fearless reporting. We also shall see the moronic Australians say it is not all Muslims, these air heads clearly have not studied islamics or the Koran, and closed their eyes to many serious tell-tale events, these morons put us all in danger.

ISIL love this huge publicity, the Muslim community wont denounce it, the Koran says, lie to protect their aims, so a tiny few might denounce it to delude westerners.

This is not about freedom of expression, it’s about freedom in general, it is about the Koran telling ALL its followers to control the world and its current freedoms to force them to follow the Koran and its brainwashing leaders acting as gods when in fact are mere controllers of a weak minded sector of people.

Global leaders urgently need to adopt Australia’s Secure Australia Party’s policies on islamics or we shall all be doomed. http://secureaustraliaparty.com/policy.html

Brian Woods


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