BREAKING: Armed men spotted in Paris La Defense business district


News just in via social media & news:

Reports are coming in that armed gunmen have been spotted. The situation is still unfolding…..

Journalists are now at the scene in Montrouge but have been forced back in the last few moments. A BRA – a French SWAT team have reportedly moved into the area & appear to be in position ready for some kind of action.

UPDATE: Police have surrounded a petrol station north of Paris in a Village called Crepy-en-Valois after shooting 2 people prior. The 2 people were identified as a woman police officer that was intervening in a car accident & the other person was a street sweeper who was shot in the face.

Unfortunately, the woman police officer has died from her horrific injuries & the man, reports are stating, “is no long in a critical condition & will pull through”.

Apparently there are many reports but it seems that the gunmen (unsure of number 1-2) are armed & very dangerous & have been seen heavily armed with rocket launcher & wearing bullet proof vests. They hijacked a car & were seen waving an unidentified flag through their car window just before they held up a petrol station for food & petrol.

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Will keep you updated as we hear of any further developing updates…..

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