BREAKING NEWS – SHOTS FIRED on the outskirts of PARIS!

BREAKING NEWS just hitting the media…..

Shots have been heard near La porte de Chatillon, on the outskirts of Paris with allegedly 1 officer reportedly seriously injured.

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Since the brutal Terrorist attack on the satirical Charlie Hebdo newspaper in Paris, the police have been carrying out several raids.

The local French Radio station, RTL has been apparently reporting of shooters open firing on 2 police offices, with 1 seriously injured.  One of the men is believed to be of African origin and doesn’t match the description of the 2 gunman known to be the Kouachi brothers. He was seen fleeing the scene wearing a bullet proof vest. Apparently he was later arrested but has not yet been confirmed by officials. The second man drove off in a white Renault Clio & is still on the run.

The 2 officers that were wounded was a woman traffic officer from Montrouge, and a male colleague.

The incident occurred apparently at 8:19am local time after 2 police offices were attempting to intervene in a car accident, when the man suddenly opened fire on the police officers.

The man hunt for those gunman continues…

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