The security alert has been resolved & flight resumed with some delays still to be expected.

The interesting thing though is we are yet to know what was the security alert, who what where….things that you would expect would all be reported to allow the public to feel safe in traveling.

SO, as we are yet to know what the real reason or cause was, it is hard to report on.

Is this what they are aiming for us? not allowing us to receive information in order to stop us from reporting the truth of what really happened? or was it just a very miner issue that didn’t require media coverage? Either way, the public deserve to know, after all the issues we have been have seen here is Australian with the recent Sydney Siege still very fresh in our minds. In just in the last few days we have been watching Paris it utter shock & their people fearing what was happening next or around the corner due to the Islamist terror attacks in 2 different parts of Paris in progress, Isn’t it only right that the public are made to feel safe & secure even if it is a minor incident with a security issue at Melbourne airport?

People, not only in Paris or Sydney but in fact right across the world are feeling unsure, unsafe & i think we all need some sort of reassurance as little or big the situation may be & this also includes a security alert in Melbourne airport!


Melbourne Airport has confirmed a security alert directed at Tigerair which has impacted TigerairAU fights.

This has only just come in, Apparently 30mins ago & still waiting on reports to come through. The passengers have been told to wait but not been notified on why. Part of the airport has been evacuated due to reported bomb threat but it is still very unclear as yet if this is in fact the case as its still being investigated. This is a new development story.

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