BREAKING NEWS – Another SHOOTING at a Jewish Shop east of PARIS!


The Gunman’s girlfriend is still at large & is believed to be armed & very dangerous! Unfortunately 4 of the hostages were killed but it is believed this was due tot he gunman shooting them prior to the highly protected police entered the building.

The hostage from the Printing company is said to have been an employee of the company & was not harmed when police opened fire.

We would like to extend our condolences to those affected & their family’s. Our thoughts & prays are with you all & hope that you all show your true patriotism & defiance to not allow these scum buckets to dictate & intimidate your country. Stand tall & stand united to the evil that Islam is.

This should not have happened WHY? because the Authorities FAILED their duties to protect their country by not have allowed them back in their country! If by any chance they slipped through the system them they should have all have been deported the second that they were discovered rather than been just watched & monitored! This cant go on & lets hope that this unfortunate event will wake all our leaders to take a stand!


We have new PICTURES of the third suspect & his apparent girlfriend, both of which are heavily armed & dangerous! This man involved in killing the woman police officer only a day or so ago.

2 people have been reportedly been killed maybe more with 5 hostages inside the kosher store but this number could also be more. Woman & children may be some of the hostages among those being held in store.

Prior Report:

NEWS JUST AT HAND that yet another shooting has just occurred in the EAST of PARIS & that it is believed to be linked to the same gunmen in Dammartin-en-Goele! This man allegedly is well known to the other 2 gunmen. This gunman has taken several hostages, the shore owner & some of the customers that were in the store at the time.

Its been reported apparently stating to the owner of store that “you know who i am”.

Will keep you all updated as any news come to hand!

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