Media glorifying muslims over terrorists attacks, out of touch with public perspective

The Australian Government TV station ABC24 NEWS this morning were preaching pro Muslim themes, but not one commentator has read the Koran to understand why they themselves are preaching misleading information and opinionation to the public, they failed to note that the recent attack was on media staff. They think these people just flip a mental fuse rather than honor the Koran, they failed to notice that all their aims were verbally quoted as acts of the Koran, even quoting passages of it as they shot media people and a police officer, also quoted a passage that every Muslim abides by, that those that insult Mohammad must die, therefore every Muslim must agree with these acts. The illiterate commentators whom not only know nothing about the Koran, went on to say those whom blame Muslims for these attacks are racist, not realising Muslim is not a race or country, Muslim is many various countries even nearby Indonesia. The media has no right judging citizens opinions on what they see, and most with such opinions studied the Koran and Muslim history to have a more correct opinion that all Muslims whom adopt the Koran are equally the same as terrorists in their beliefs, and each terrorist act is condoned and suggested in the Koran.

Governments of France and Australia had terrorists under surveillance and under question why they were not deported under their national security powers of suspicion and bad character, in which will be ignored. Our Prime Minister rightly admitted, a terrorist can be any Muslim at any time, as the Koran instructs such activities, and Governments in many countries have seen a massive amount of trouble by general Muslims unlike with any other race, taking note Muslim is NOT a race, it is a cult similar to Scientology but has an agenda to control the world per the Koran and clearly they are ALL implementing it or supporting those whom choose to in assistance or via funding.


How can we let them live amongst us whilst they are a factual threat to national security, even just one section of the Koran states this threat as a fact, whereby Muslims are to take over the world and enforce the Koran on everyone or punish those whom don’t. THIS IS NOT A MIGRATION QUALIFICATION CRITERIA, we have a better visa selection choice of non Muslims from other countries more suitable. This means, we must ban all visa’s to Muslims in non Muslim countries, it takes their hopes and powers away, but leaves us with existing ones whom will still follow and enact the Koran.

This requires some serious changes to cut their aims off, such as, stop their halal scheme of raising big funds and ripping of our companies via monopoly extortion, enforce all Muslims and other races to take up allegiance and citizenship as the Koran forbids it, but many have breached the Koran and taken up citizenship at the directions of mosque leaders under the guise in the Koran that they can lie to suit their aims. Muslims religion changes weekly via instructions to mosque leaders by their leaders to pass onto the general Muslim community at mosques, therefore a changing religion is not a religion but is a set of people controlling and brain washing others, this means Muslims are illiterate idiots if they follow such unfounded rubbish.

So, how can countries figure out a smart Muslim from a dumb one in order for its people to embrace them as citizens? well, it requires some changes and commitments to the new land. This can be done by allowing the reasonable parts of their beliefs but not the unreasonable ones, it requires them to no longer recognise the bad parts of the Koran that do not fit our society, such as killing revenges, how women are rated and treated, and stop attending mosques and follow the book at home rather than be made fools of by instructions given to mosque leaders which daily changes the Koran into a book of divisions rather than religion, stop creating Muslim only schools, stop paying Islamic taxes that end up making Muslim leaders wealthy who laugh at them behind their back, as lately many Muslims are questioning this. Stop the halal theme of certificates, the community can nominate reputable brands and halal labels, as this certification is creating big divides. Stop requesting things based upon religion like curtains for pools or pray rooms, deviate these in non divisive ways, create your own pools instead of schools, in other words blend in or go home.

Muslims are totally controlled by the Koran and mosque leaders, they know no freedom, and given a taste of freedom in civilized nations creates an abuse of these freedoms, their life seems miserable they are fast starting to be disliked and if it keeps going them and their kids will be picked on, do they really want to push this further? why not be smart for once and enjoy the freedoms, blend in be happy, achieve, and not live under others controls especially the non existent people, and realise that a religion that changes weekly is no religion at all, it is control by the modern men changing it in the chain between radical leaders and mosque leaders. Adopt our protections for inner Muslim reprisals for adopting our ways. Do these things and you and your families will find freedom and happiness, draw from the good parts of your religion readings only, and you will find people will accept you. If this does not suit, then go back to your homeland where life is so ideal for your practices and desires.

THIS IS THE ONLY SOLUTION. It was devised by an unbiased study of both sides and creates the best results for ALL.


Brian Woods



  1. dx

     /  January 11, 2015

    Damn dude, you’re a really terrible writer. Good thing nobody reads this!


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