Muslims making fools of whole countries

Two terror attack groups at the same time in France seem to be distracting police on opposite outskirts, maybe in order to commit the bigger act by a 3rd group whilst police are away. The most recent shows Lindt cafe may have been a part of these plans, as the 2nd terrorist in France is duplicating it with hostage siege in a Jewish kosher store. Governments still don’t get it, these people all do this under the words of the Koran, and you can not separate so called ordinary Muslims from terrorists.

I wrote to our own PM and the leader of France many months ago warning of this and stating they must immediately ban all Muslim region visa’s of all types, France looks like they might take the global lead and ban visa’s, as it is the most effective diffusion tool to deflate their intended hopes.

It is disturbing to know both Australia and France had both their incident suspects under surveillance and came under question over this, but it gets worse, as not only did they both let these back from hanging out with known terror organisations, they still let them return and go under expensive wasted surveillance rather than deport or not let them return, therefore putting the public in danger and laxing national security of it’s people. It is a further embarrassment that a couple of people in each case can stop whole cities and stretch resources. ISIL told its people from France and Australia to go home and fight there instead, and both governments knowing this, have simply let them return. The government study terror etc but fail to study Muslim in general and the Koran as to how they all abide and all condone these attacks to enforce the Koran.

The policies of secure Australia party needs to be adopted globally as a set of solutions to stop these extremists, see too .As currently Governments have taken and acting upon bad advice with this following mentality, we must educate people these are extremists not ordinary Muslims and that we can and must unite the two. This is utter rubbish and plays into their hands whilst Governments say if we let it cause divisions it plays into their hands. Govt ignores the Koran preaches these acts to all Muslims, it fails to note they don’t denounce terror acts, and fail to notice the Koran says to lie to serve its needs.


The safest solution is to stop muslimisation of any country as a failsafe, as there are many other races we could grant visa’s to without these risks.

Brian Woods

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