Destruction of Germany after WW1 led to the rise of Hitler and others like him who believed that Germany was an oppressed country and that its people were oppressed .

Destruction of Ottoman Empire led to the rise of Islamic leaders who believed Islam was an oppressed religion and its people were oppressed. Even more recently, the destruction of the Iraq government and installation of another in its place has led to many in Iraq being oppressed and calling for the restoration of another ” Ottoman Empire”- the Islamic Caliphate.
The ideology that Hitler (and his friends) spread had many good ideas and was for the welfare of the German people. The ideology of Islam is doing good and is for the spiritual welfare of people.

The message of Hitler’s ideology of nationalistic pride and superiority of race was not too extreme for German people to accept as they felt oppressed by other western nations themselves. The message of Islamic leaders of pride of their religion and superiority of their religion is not extreme for Muslims as they feel oppressed by western nations.

The rise of Nazism was left unchecked by the government of Germany of the time and members of the rising Nazi party with ideas of superiority of race were elected into local governments/ councils and in some national government positions. The rise of Islam in western nations has been left unchecked and many with ideas of superiority of its religion are serving in councils and local government and even in some national government positions.

The German government was too slow to recognise the danger that was the rising power of Nazi superiority nationalistic ideas among the people of its nation. The western governments have been too slow to recognise the danger of the rising power of Islamic superiority ideas amongst the people of its nations.

To help Nazism rise to power, freedom of the press was suppressed;the press was discouraged from publishing anything that was critical of Nazism, its ideologies or its leaders as it criticised the national idea of Germany as a unified nation with one ideal.Any one criticising was seen as an enemy of the nation. Today in the press, we are seeing a suppressing of the freedom of the press. The press is discouraged from speaking out against or criticising Islam, its ideologies and its leaders. People that do criticise are seen as enemies to the national ideal of multiculturalism.

Once Nazism gained enough power of the press, it was able to remove all criticism of Nazism, its leaders and ideologies. It was able to depose by violent means, anyone who spoke ill of Nazism or ridiculed/portrayed it in a negative light. Today, those who hold tight to the idea of the superiority of Islam have violently deposed of those who ridiculed/ portrayed Islam and its leaders and ideologies.

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Nazism held to the idea that Jews were a subclass of people that deserved to be oppressed, persecuted and should have no right to exist. This idea, as extreme as it sounded, convinced many good people. It was believed and carried out by many good German people who felt very strongly about this idea. Islam holds to beliefs that Jews are a subclass of people, often referred to as “pigs and dogs” by true followers (as it is written in their holy books). This leads to good true Islamic followers to feel that Jews are deserving of being oppressed, persecuted and expelled. Some people feel so strongly about this teaching that they will carry out persecution/murder of Jews in the name of their religion.

So one must ask, where does the blame lie for Nazism superiority that was able to be spread like a disease into the German nation and the German psyche such that good upstanding moderate thinking people could be convinced to support and spread such an extreme view such as superiority of a race?

The answer lies in the GOVERNMENT OF THE TIME GIVING TOO MUCH FREEDOM IN ITS LAWS to those who hold firmly and powerfully to the idea of its superiority as a race but we can learn from this.

Today OUR GOVERNMENTS ARE GIVING TOO MANY FREEDOMS to those who believe firmly and strongly in the ideology of Islam, a religion that considers itself superior to all others, to the extent where its holy books call for the terrorisation, persecution and extermination of the Jews and the unbelievers. Today, our western governments allow the leaders of this religion amongst its nations to spread this diseased ideology of superiority on platforms such as unsupervised Islamic schools and mosques and by allowing these leaders to preach this dangerous ideology amongst moderate, good upstanding citizens of its nations. Is it any surprise that we have seen, yet again, in western nations, the rise of a dangerous disease of superiority this time, of religion, not race, leading to the persecution and deaths of others within its nations?

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Western governments need to demonstrate clearly that they will not tolerate any who teaches/ preaches supremacist attitudes that call for the death of others. People who publicly call for or agree with or promote such consequences (for misdemeanors committed ) as stoning, beheading, honor killing , or call for FGM or child brides or in general call for the harm/ death of others should be expelled from their western countries and sent to their country of birth/ heritage in the world who’s government accept those ideologies, whether they are refugees or “home grown”.
Those who have served the militant armies of enemy ideologies in other nations MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO RETURN to western multicultural nations. The message needs to be clear and strong that we want an equal, tolerant, multicultural society that will not tolerate calls from others for harm/ death persecution of others.

In addition to the above, special food requirements that require certification (such as Halal or in other words “Haram free) should be paid for by the people who require it and not all the people of the nation. It should be a user pay system as is for those who require dairy free, gluten free, sugar free , soy free, preservative free etc.

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Multiculturalism can truly be embraced and realised as citizens can once gain trust of the people within its western nation, knowing that those who wish their harm/ death are not allowed to reside within its borders!!

Western governments MUST refuse the practicing of religious laws that are in opposition to its western values.
SHARIA SHOULD NOT BE PRACTICED IN ANY WESTERN COUNTRY, as it encourages division of cohesion among its citizens, with one law for one section of the community and a separate law for others. This encourages the growth of “enclaves” or countries within countries, giving rise to civil unrest.

If residents are not happy to abide by the laws of the country, they are free to reside in a country that suits their values and ideologies.

Well here is the first signs of the above “enclaves”!



So this leads me to the following questions:

Are we now going to open our eyes and realise the truth of what is really happening here in our country?

What happened in the past is left in the past but can we not learn and prevent this from happening again?

Can’t our government and citizens of ALL Western countries, clearly see what is happening and think for themselves in order to have a clearer vision on preventing this further? / or to stop history from repeating itself?

Why is the Media all over the globe being so quiet and is it due to governments stopping them from speak out? / and WHY?

Don’t we all deserve to know the truth and have the right to decide if this is what we, as Western countries really want for our future generations?

We do NOT in anyway, want the German people to feel that we are putting them into this in any way, shape or form but rather need all our Western countries including Germany, to be aware that we don’t want to repeat history and that the reality is we are now under threat of Islam. We need to all work together and take strong stands against this threat. Do we not?

We need to unite together and praise the German people for standing up with other Western countries to rid this from all non Islamic countries. We can only learn and work together to fight this together, all WESTERN COUNTRIES as one.



  1. Ev

     /  January 14, 2015

    wow, brilliant piece! really makes you realise where we are heading!

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  2. Thank you for your comment it does make you think doesn’t it…Feel free to share & follow us


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