Last nights Muslim protest in Lakemba had a very small turn-out. Only radicals attended, and most Muslims chose not to have these radical controllers cause them further troubles or division. It seems, if examined carefully, that three men are controlling all Muslims up until now, and two were there speaking, the other believed to be hiding from police overseas, and these are, The head of the Muslim council, the head of halal certification, and a person under terror watch whom has been reported by many to authorities but still able to incite violence etc representing Hizb ut-Tahrir. I am the founder of a fast growing political party with a very fast growing membership and following. I get all the information the media refuse to publish, moreso now, that the media has allowed french media killings to scare them, a successful bluff. I have had civil conversations with many Muslims, even extremist ones, they are actually at war with each-other, as is the case in their hometown regions in the middle east.  The hard core extremists favor ISIL and call the aforementioned  Muslim leaders as traitors to Muslims and the Koran,  Quite interesting points, like exploiting Muslims for their own wealth and power aims, a need to use average Muslims as pawns to raise themselves huge funds in donations which all their sites have, but oddly we exempt from tax. One extremist said they shall be killed, so, we have general Muslims who they use as pawns, a small powerful group of leaders after wealth and power in the council and certification areas with their mafia style minders Hizb ut-Tahrir,   whom hire mosque leaders etc to invent and preach what they ask them to preach to the pawns. Well, good news is, the pawns are waking up to this and I welcome this, as we are humans not Muslim or christian. Last night at Lakemba, one Muslim speaker stated clearly, that Muslim mothers and children mean very little, but watch carefully, it is a lie, so no wonder not many turned up in this huge Muslim Suburb, as even I see this is not true, it cant be true or would be inhuman. The irony is, the very people he expects to carry it all on are said to be worthless?  Well let me say this, If a local Muslims child and that idiot man were hanging off a cliff, the average Muslim will save their child first or their mother. That man is as aforesaid, in it for power, to wants people to think he is a god. I am not really anti Muslim, I am hoping they change and see the themes, IT CAN BE DONE !!  It is in progress, we do not need wars that have no winner like the middle east history. Here is a video posted public online, It paints a story bigger than what the vision shows, it went public, probably shouldn’t but it has, and do not for one moment take this as sexual, this is a Muslim girl adopting our freedoms and doing what many young girls do in their privacy,  as kids do, even adults do this, but look deeply, she is adopting her new found freedom which breaches Sharia, she now risks severe dangerous punishment to which our authorities are not geared to protect her but should be, in fact we will never be in harmony until govt puts in place protection for people to de-convert. Please watch this clip from online with respect and not perversion, it is a girl doing what many her age do in private, and because shes in danger by that, I post it to highlight we should offer her protection, someone must, and I post this as a protection for her to highlight if any reprisal occurs to her, then it shall highlight nobody offered her protection for her normal child antics. Muslims can hide and shelter their kids in Muslim only schools but it will never stop this, and they cannot justify the earlier extremist words that kids and mothers mean very little to Muslims, or the kids will rebel and you lose them and the religion. We can co-exist without agenda, we already co-exist with all races other than Muslims whom are deceived to thinking they can take over the world in which will lose many lives but not win, a good example of primate fools versus a smart society is right here in this intelligence clip this week where we knocked out half of ISIL leaders. How can they win once they meet our organized efforts?  How is being fooled by local leaders going to change that? because, as fast as we started doing this video content we can do it here in Australia, we do not take shit here so to speak, we have the best forces and SAS in the world but the worst leaders, we organised that footage “above” as well as the Bagdad bombings, a mere hand full of our specialised SAS, and in both world wars we were the most highly respected, a nation 200 yrs old mostly convicts with a culture that can very easily start up the elder Aussies whom are not cotton wool brainwashed, and the signs are there with the media hiding it. The Government and Media are mostly to blame by both sides how things got to where they are, they show no care for Aussies nor general Muslims, but ass-lick the radical sides and silence everything else, UNTIL, Rupert Murdoch and one of his reporters Rita spoke out in timely fashion, and they too, rather see harmony than divide, they too openly stated that a few radicals are making trouble for general Muslims. What if Australians turned the tables and said be christian or die with us far outnumbering Muslims, it would be a wipe-out. Please understand this, next election Governments shall be removed based upon these issues, Australians will choose to reclaim leadership, nationals security, freedom of speech, and respect for their constitution. I have been trained for this from above for many years, the true powers, whom finds this the globes biggest issue right now, but the learning’s and guidance says “all unite not fight” as wars have no winners only losers and always have,  and nobody can own the world but can senselessly have many killed learning of such failure. here are two videos the media failed to show of Lakemba last night via their disgrace to their profession and concealment of real news which drove me to start this free online news site which is hoped to grow fast.  Take note of the small crowd mostly the extremist, take note many Muslims deserve credit for not attending, realising its divisive and very poor timing, and knowing it is these few people whom are trying to make settling here very dangerous. and See also how government incite hatred against Muslims, as this link has nothing to achieve but exactly that, and if studied carefully, in a very shifty way of be bad but look good, or good cop bad cop, this article has only one intent, and that is, to make Australians hate Muslims, a smart ploy but wrong, and Muslims need to take note of this and his motive, as guess what? his family were in Lindt cafe just before Monis arrived and most likely were his hostage target but left moments before he arrived, so why would he say what is in this following article if not to cause hatred of Muslims whilst two faced acting pro Muslim.  Muslims and Australians are being played by our leaders and the media, think about it, look and watch. What the hell? Muslims can do more in full black full concealed costume but we cant in a flag but still showing our face?  A wanker whose position pledged allegiance to that very flag. We are all being played, both sides, and this is why I formed a fast growing federal party, and refuse to register it until close to election time so as not to expose how big we have grown and how fast. And between now and then, I want to see wise changes so we can change our policies involving Muslims.  IT CAN BE DONE. Why did the PM upgrade his security and not everyone’s? why did he get a bomb proof car to protect from Muslim attacks last week but gave us no protection but told us everything is safe? Why was Monis on the street because of Govt, even 5 days before Lindt I have an email receipt from terror authority that the complaint on him I made, was escalated to urgent but he still was free to do as he did 5 days later, I have email receipt number and all evidences. The media was not interested as aforementioned as to why.  They even covered up police shooting hostages where I had posted on the day that they did because they botched their training, poor training not a fault of police, but oh, days later an inquiry found training must urgently be upgraded as I had been saying. HALAL, a huge division, the biggest issue of my party members, again the media hide it and Govt illegally support it, as before halal started here, they bought normal foods “non halal”  I live in our biggest Muslim Suburb, they even now own all prior Govt schools, and when I go shopping, guess what? at the meat section they buy the specials like we do, yes non halal and because it is on special. and other products non halal that had a halal alternative and good on them. So here is a story all by itself, HOW I TOOK ON THE HALAL SCAMS. I studied it careful, and saw it was designed to make a small group of people wealthy and powerful, but realise its custom, but the leaders abusing the custom to make money, I also saw Muslims even get angry at this exploitation. Even Muslim meat companies saying this scam is sending even themselves broke, and saw govt breach section 44 of the constitution and assist these scams, even endorse them and refuse to respond obligated answers to mine and our party’s questions on it , even allow them to lie that its is legislated and authorised when not and can’t be, and more dangerous, exempted from tax but i duplicated the same and not exempt, why? because I am not a Muslim, but didn’t say I wasn’t a Muslim. I read an article that trey meats in QLD hit for $27,000 per month to certify, that is extortion but govt allows it, I read dick smith say he cant afford $27,000 demanded from him, a man who expects others to fight the things he says hinder himself and us, so, I stated a business called AUSTRALIAN HALAL to protect our businesses from extortion and takeovers, via starting my own legal halal certification that any big company will be exposed as Muslim ass-likers if they pay extreme fees compared to me offering $10 no expiry certifications, a good test of Dick Smiths true convictions, but with not one but three categories. I created global history with non halal certification, guess what? IT IS THE MAIN SELLER. so far not one Islamic halal certificate has been applied for. But, it accidentally started a trend, people started buying certification for animals to protest against halal stunning of animal exemptions that only MUSLIMS are exempt from but we breach if we do the same, just like burqa versus balaclava, or now if we drape a flag on us, again, govt causing divides “not Muslims”, but we even had people certify cars non halal with our certification cert-on-car And in this, because of Govt and media, my life is at risk at my choice, and Muslims were baffled, they posted everywhere to file complaints to ACCC Scamwatch etc and were all looking for my picture and address so as they can get me, but of course the address will be a trap for them with Authorities in wait, like what better way to flush out the worst people. The problems both Muslims and us have, isn’t each-other, It is our leaders and media, leaders of any type. but I Exempt Rupert and a reporter of his named Rita on those counts. Will businesses show their true colors and keep being controlled on site and pay huge fees? “or”, no controls and pay $10, that goes to a party donation?, of course I learned the donation off halal scammers, and next is to test the ATO. The point of it all, is it all goes back to leaders of all kinds and the media, they are our biggest inciters. They are creating divides and feeding those whom do. WAKE UP MUSLIMS AND AUSTRALIANS you are being played, I may be dead soon and will not be offered the protection Larry Pickering was offered on far less threat of execution. I started this party to stop all this, and would like in the interim to omit any policy on Muslims that I created, see too our halal scheme and feel free to utilise for a business or as a trend to represent Australia It is time leaders and media learn a lesson on reality from both sides

Brian Woods  “writing team”

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