Asylum fraud: ‘Refugees’ heading to Italy already had relatives waiting for them – in Sweden

The Muslim Issue

So, they were not authentic refugees. As usual. Border trespassing needs to be punished, not rewarded. Their governments of these countries need to be heavily penalized on a per person basis that they allow out of the country illegally, and the “refugees” need to be put on a large ship and be taken straight back to where they came from.

Reports from Sweden, US and other nations have shown that up to 98% of refugee and asylum seekers are not in urgent need of any asylum. Instead, they fraudulently misuse the refugee system as a means to apply for residency because they fail to qualify through normal immigration channels. They fail the safety laws set in place to identify a suitable applicant for immigration status. Furthermore smugglers themselves have admitted that half of these ships contained civilian-dressed terrorists being smuggled into Europe to expand their jihad empire.

And who pays…

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