India: Muslim vandalises Church as Christian love-interest spurns his attention

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Muslim vandalises Agra church in India

Agra Church Vandalised by a Jilted Lover, Says Police

Agra | Reported by Niha Masih, Edited by Mala Das | Updated: April 24, 2015 17:01 IST

Agra: The Agra police have claimed that a young Muslim man has confessed to attacking a church in the city last week because his romantic advances were spurned by a girl who frequented the church.

Haider Ali, a rickshaw puller, is among over 100 people detained and questioned by the police in connection with the attack on St Mary’s Church in the Agra Cantonment area in the early hours of April 16. Statues were damaged and windows were smashed.

A group of people from all faiths took out a silent protest in the city yesterday against the incident. In capital Lucknow, all Christian schools were closed.

Father Savarimuthu, spokesperson of the Delhi Archdiocese had said after the Agra attack, “We appeal to both state…

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  1. Pranove Prasad.

     /  April 25, 2015

    This is nonsense. It was no jilted lover. And certainly no muslim. These people are disgusting. First they do it, then they implicate innocent people. Zero morals.


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