US cities have to increase security over ISIS ‘Kill List’ of military personnel

The Muslim Issue

Obama brought in 8 million Muslims into the US. How can you combat an enemy you constantly deny exists? Until the media openly comes out of the closet and educate the public of the truth, that Islam is a fascist ideology built on invasion, forced occupation and mass murders – and Muslims still use it the exact same way – how is it possible to even begin to address the issues? There is no future to any nation or society with Muslim immigration. Stop separating Isis from Muslims. They worship the exact same Quran. Americans don’t know anything about Islam and they are denied the right to know.

The West had strict immigration policies on Muslims only a few decades ago. Does anyone even remember any resemblence of a situtation we have today everywhere we go? No one had to be concerned about expanding terrorism. With Muslim immigration it is…

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