ALP makes illegal move on its members

Today it was reported in the AGE newspaper that the deputy ALP leader is planning to force and coerce the elected party members and all other members, to vote yes for gay marriages.

This breaches the core of elected parliamentary member duties, but also it is on an issue that parliament has no powers to legislate or decide upon, and, in fact, might not even be valid for a referendum to ask the people, as a referendum can only be made upon matters that government is empowered to legislate upon.

Marriage is not a law and never has been, and usually only divorce and recording of marriages has been legislated for reasons not related to the marriage itself.   The constitution states marriage is to be between a man and a woman but is not legislated, but is rather a recognition guideline. Even governments introduction and recognition of the word defacto is likely not valid, but defacto already covers gay partnerships, designed as an artificial recognition of coupleship not marriage.

People get howled down when they say such interference is a door opening for pedophiles and bestiality etc but are not too far removed from the truth.

Marriage actually comes within religion not parliament, it is a personal matter not a public matter, it is a promissory between two people in which is often validated by religion certificate not government certificate, and the certificate is so unbinding that we have no fault divorce, and, those on the certificate can renege and break up a day after it was made, therefore showing marriage has no powers at all and that the person to person promissory can be broken anytime unbinding.

The ALP have used the gay and republic issue too many times to gain votes to no avail, but never seen raising more useful urgent matters as policy, so here we are again, with the ALP forcing its people to vote on a private bedroom choice/issue.

When government start legislating invalid matters like sex life and private bedroom choices then they are incompetent and corrupt. It is for local constituents to canvass ministers not the ALP leaders, and Clive Palmer died a sudden death for this same type of party member dictatorship.

Nobody seems to have an issue with gays being accepted under the defacto guise in which has the same recognition as marriage, therefore this issue should never be political, and only churches etc can make such validity at risk of invalidating their existing religion stance on gayness, as a bible becomes invalid once people other than their god starts changing any religion.

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