Muslims starting religious instruction of islam in our schools

There is a recent drive in all states by Islamics to send people to schools to educate on Islam religion, “the cult”.

This is no different to the banned chaplaincy theme, no different at all other than the added word Islamic. Your kids can refuse this on this ground as well as the grounds of sect 116 of our constitution per forcing a religious observance and belief upon your child, but also on grounds that religion is irrelevant to general education subjects.

The high court recently put a stop to what muslims have illegally started, and any government or minister allowing this shall be in breach of the law and must be challenged.

Here is the article on that high court decision



  1. The High Court decision referred to in yhe article, dated June, 2012, made no mention of Islam or muslim nor did it refer to any other recognised religion. This is an out-dated beatup of a simple case seeking to stop School Chaplencies which was allowed by the Howard government. Find some real news to post on your blog


    • you may need to be legally versed to get the distinction between the two. Reading high court decisions holds far more than the basic words, the one element of invalidity can cover many, and this too was reported after that decision and did extend to these issues. It may offend your faith but so be it the court says


  2. Your response is irrelevant to the point in question, as is your reference to my “faith”. The ruling by the High Court was very clear & extends to all matters related to the inclusion of chaplains in government run school. Your emphasis on Muslims in your headline implies that they are the only religious group involved, rather than acknowledging the encompassing “all”. This judgement enforces the requirement that secular education is not a part of Australian school curriculum . My response is not faith based, but rather based upon unbiased facts.


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