Australian government authorities discriminating upon australians with $1700 fine for flying our flag

The racist Gold coast city council has threatened to fine an elderly couple for flying the Australian flag and told them to remove it.

This seems something to do with a retort of council assisting their neighbor who flies a Nazi flag with a Swastika on Anzac day.

The moronic part is next, as the reason given, was their Australian flag is too noisy, but does not exceed council decibel limits, however it does set a very dumb precedent for things like noisy birds, rattling sheds, rattling tree leaves in which make more noise than a flapping flag, though I do not know how they will fine a noisy wild bird $1700.

I once lived by a main rail line, this precedent means i can force that line to be closed on everyone right?

One has to ask if this was really a religion or race decision covered up by using a noise rule, moreso with the timely Swastika issue, therefore the MINISTER FOR LOCAL GOVERNMENT should investigate council on this matter.

The public outcry has been huge on this story, and we need to start firing political correct and social engineering govt staff or chiefs to send a clear message that these stupid issues are extreme and unacceptable.


Brian Woods

Secure Australia Party



  1. No national identity = one world government


  2. Yogi

     /  April 29, 2015

    This is the flag of Australia , love it or not , it can be hung on a flagpole on your property any time you want , lets see the GC city council follow through with this, do they fly an Australian flag outside the council offices ? Beuraucratic pen pushing, little people, seem to have a superiopity complex !

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  3. Mal Hedges

     /  April 29, 2015

    Local govt has no authority at all. PERIOD. they cannot legally issue fines, rates, penalties. they are not a legal entity. they are a body corporate.


    • Very true but try telling them that lol & you have to have big money to fight them as they have the money to back themselves up including insurance but the everyday individual doesnt….but yes your totally correct 100%


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