Discrimination by USA companies against Australians must stop

Woolworths say this full face cover is fine but a normal hat and prescription sunglasses are not ok to wear in their stores.

This seems to ban many shoppers.  Not only is it disrespectful and discriminating to Aussies of all races other than islamics, but is an outright religion discrimination by allowing the burqa based upon religion grounds, therefore shoppers discriminated upon due to their religion beliefs or lack thereof.

Woolworths refused an Australian lady entry to the store if she does not remove her glasses, stating she is a security risk with no evidence to make that allegation, moreso when they allow more heavily veiled Muslims with a far higher level of security risk outfit, so why are they not a security risk?

The stupidity in all this, is today I went to my local Woolworths and saw a woman dressed like the above caption go through the checkout without incident, no requests to remove veil but actually classifiable as a security risk.

Woolies need to leave race and religion out of it’s business or face the wrath of Australian shoppers via boycotts in which are very effective as Cadbury is finding.


ARTICLE above covers the full story from a Townsville Mum who was bailed up at the Castletown Woolworths self service checkout for wearing PRESCRIPTION SUNGLASSES and a HAT.


Brian Woods

Secure Australia Party

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