A permanent force of 7,000 soldiers will patrol the streets of France from now on.

The Muslim Issue

And how do they expect the situation to be 10-20 years from now? If they haven’t managed to get them to live like a proper citizen now after so many decades, do they actually imagine things will improve?? #DeportMuslims



Published: 29 Apr 2015 10:30 GMT+02:00

France: 7,000 soldiers to permanently patrol sites

President Francois Hollande announced on Wednesday that France would increase its defence budget by close to €4billion over four years, in response to extremist threats after the Paris jihadist attacks.

He also said that military patrols at sensitive sites throughout France that were set up after the January attacks would be made permanent, with a 7,000-strong force dedicated to internal security.

That means there will be around 3,000 less…

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  1. Shaun

     /  April 30, 2015

    There wouldn’t be such sensitive areas and soldiers wouldn’t be needed to patrol them if successive French governments hadn’t allowed muslims to flood in practically without restriction.

    Islam has shown itself to be a threat to civilisation throughout it’s history and shows itself to be a threat many times every day. In the Koran and Hadiths it declares and proves itself to be a threat.

    Through the Koran, Muslims are told to make war in order to spread Islam. They are told to hate, subjugate and kill non-Muslims and to not take any of them as friends. They are told to kill Jews. They are told that women are inherently inferior to men and that gays and apostates are to be killed. Muslim men are told that they can rape their wives and female slaves.

    The Hadiths are the collected sayings, teachings and acts of Mohammed. Muslims believe Mohammed to have been the perfect man and the ideal role model. The Hadiths show Mohammed to have been a liar, torturer, rapist and murderer among other things.

    Innocent people suffer and die because of Islam.

    There is nothing wrong with acknowledging that a particular group poses a threat and keeping them out. It’s self-preservation. It’s simple good sense.

    Bleating about the human rights of people who have no thought for the human rights of others and who seek the control of your country, the destruction of your way of life and your death or enslavement is head-in-the-sand idiocy. It’s blinkered, leftist lunacy. It’s treason.

    Western countries are betrayed by politicians, the media, academics, royalty and other traitors who won’t tell their people what Islam’s instructions to Muslims really are and who say that Islam is a religion of peace, that [insert latest Islamic atrocity] has nothing to do with Islam and that Islamic terrorists are following a distorted version of the religion.

    Islam is an evil poison and the West desperately needs to be purged. Stop letting Muslims in, deport them all to Islamic countries and deport the traitors with them.

    Know your enemy. Read the Koran.

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