Measuring for correct length coffin's.

Measuring for correct length of coffin’s.


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Shooting range

Shooting range


Written by MJ

HUMANITY and FORGIVENESS were completely thrown out and ABOLISHED.

With eight executions being carried out on the,

“29th April 2015”


Over the past ten year’s, nine Bali prisoners have been waiting their sentence of death.

Indonesia is a country influenced by(Sharia Law) and part ‘supposed’ democracy?

Indonesia throughout the world is well-known for CORRUPTION.

A survival skill, practiced by many government authority figures.


In 2005 there were (17) arrested for drug related charges. The drug syndicate, had successfully distributed large quantities of opiates. To various countries around the world in previous year’s.

With the aid of the Australian Federal Police Intelligence, Indonesia was informed of the upcoming drug trafficking operation.

The father of Lee Rush, tipped of the AFP in hope’s of saving his son. Little did he know that decision, would result in eight death’s ten year’s later.

A victory was guaranteed for all countries concerned, at dismantling the successful drug operation,

(Based in Indonesia).

It’s ironic that the MAIN CRIMINALS  & ESCAPEES of this operation, were all known to Indonesian authorities prior?

Baring in mind that Indonesia is largely a corrupt country! It makes you question, how such a large syndicate could not be noticed?

The penalties for drug running, as we know, are extremely severe in Indonesia. As well as countries influenced by Sharia Laws.

With which foreigners, are dealt with harshly, to the fullest extent.

There actually is democracy and clemency carried out in Indonesia.

But over the year’s it has become very evident, it seems to be reserved for the people of the country.

Where the law’s are being changed at will, to protect their own.

If trafficking drug’s carries a death penalty across Indonesia.

Where are the other eight prisoners, seventeen people were arrested but only nine were to face the firing squad?

Numerous requests of clemency from government officials worldwide, fell on death’s door.

Yet Indonesia have received apparently 189 clemency rulings, in their favour.

Where other countries have spared the lives of criminal Indonesians, for the very same criminal act’s.

TWO LAW’S are clearly being played out, in predominant Islamic countries.

PROTECTION for the Islamic way of life & DEATH to westerners, who disobey it.

Seven christian people lost their lives on Wednesday, for drug trafficking.

One man, religion unknown?

Mary Jane Veleso from the Philippines, was spared her life, in the final hour. Case ongoing.

Serge Atlaoe of France, a welder by trade. Worked in a factory situated in Jakarta, building machinery. He claim’s he was under the impression, it was for acrylics manufacturing.

France ‘were granted’ stay of execution, for the moment.

For ten year’s now, the focus has been on the Bali 9. (The Westerners)

Where the corruption has been wild & evident, throughout the many trials & appeals.

1/ EXTORTION (BRIBERY) of money, to withdraw the death penalty.

For Andrew Chan, Muryan Sukumaran (of Australia) & Silvester Obeikwe Nowelise (of Nigeria)

Silvester lived in poverty & they asked for 200,000 rupees. ($22,000)

*That in my eye’s is absolutely cruel*


2/ EXTORTION (BRIBERY) WITHDRAWN by President Joko Widodo, for Andrew Chan and Muryan Sukumaran

(Of Australia) *Death Upheld*


3/ ‘Rodrigo Galata from Brazil, should never of sat before a court. Indonesian law *PREVENTS TRIAL & EXECUTION*, of mentally unstable people.

Usual practice is they are to be sent, to a mental facility?

From the young age of 16, Rodrigo was diagnosed with bipolar and schizophrenia.

With over twenty year’s of medical records & evidence, it was completely dismissed. (CORRUPTION)

Indonesian doctors concurred, with the medical records & observation!


4/ Nigerian gospel singer Okwudili Ayotanze, (had a pending case)


5/ Zaniel of Indonesia case pending.


6/ Another Dutchman, welder by trade. Died in custody. He had supporting evidence, to go towards Serge Atleo’s innocence.


What on earth, is going on there?

a) The Bali 9.

Evidence refused, appeals ignored, case’s still pending, human rights violations, clemency refused, bribery etc.

b) The five Chinese together.

Death sentence appeals are still pending.

One has died in custody

They should of faced the firing squad?

c) Thirdly the native trials.


Fair, just, witnesses allowed, evidence was presented.

( clemency didn’t have to be granted,,, as they received jail time automatically)

THE TWO MAIN ORGANISERS of the syndicate, are at large.

The financier of the operation is at large. Their identity is known to authorities.


The chemists never faced death sentences, that law was waived for their own people.

Chinese chemists are in custody appealing their death penalties.

THE TOTAL CATCH over 62 tonnes of meth chemicals seized, 6.4 tonnes to make ecstasy, many thousand’s of ecstasy tablets, pounds of heroin all ready packaged! ALL BOUND FOR HONG KONG

Regardless of personal feelings, guilt or outcome for the Bali 9.                                     As you can see, the people who committed the lesser crimes are in fact dead…

Cleaning house maybe? Eradicating evidence? (Testimonies)

The life & conviction’s of Sharia Laws.


Andrew and Muryan of Australia chose not to wear blindfold’s. Andrew and Muryan were also denied religious comfort, leading up to the execution. The two Australians were robbed of many basic human right’s, comfort and support. All other prisoners were awarded such thing’s.                               In the LAST THREE MINUTES their pastor was able to rush to them, to bid them farewell.

Many were distressed and highly emotional, as Andrew and Muryan had brought such positive change to many. They were responsible for much reform within the Indonesian prison. Not just their personal journeys, but to all prisoners they encountered. These two men in particular shined the most! They out of all were much more deserving of the clemency granted, to the numerous guilty chemists in custody.

Counting down to the very last minutes of their lives, the prisoners sung in unison gospel song’s. One being Amazing Grace, they were at peace & had excepted their fate.

Written by MJ

Parting poem dedicated to the fallen eight, family, friends & humanity.

Our heart’s are heavy,

Heavy with breath.

Our mind’s are confused,

A tear rolls down the face.

They are in heaven now,

Full of grace with no fear.

For they are now with our maker,

The journey was clear.

R.I.P lives taken unjustly….

Written by MJ


*Quote from – Pastor Karina de Vega*

It was breathtaking. This was the first time I witnessed someone so excited to meet their God.

Pastor Karina de Vega


*Source: Statistics Indonesia (Badan Pusat Statistik), Population Census 2010*

Although Indonesia is not an Islamic state, Islamic principles do influence political decision-making. Moreover, certain hardcore Muslim groups have shown to be able to influence political and judicial decisions with threats of violence.

Composition of Indonesia’s Six Official Religions

Percentage share

(of total population) Absolute numbers

(in millions)

Muslim         87.2%                 207.2

Protestant    6.9  %.               16.5

Catholic        2.9  %                 6.9

Hindu            1.7  %                 4.0

Buddhist       0.7  %                 1.7

Confucian     0.05%                 0.1

Unfortunately, religion has also been the cause of much violence throughout Indonesian history. Regarding its recent history, one important turning point can be discerned. After the fall of president Suharto’s New Order regime (which was marked by a strong central government and a weak civil society) radical Islamic voices and violent (terrorist) acts – previously largely suppressed by the government – found their way to the surface in the form of bomb attacks and other threats. Recently, Indonesian media have reported frequently about attacks by radical Muslims on minority communities, such as the Ahmadiyya community (a movement within Islam) and Christians. Moreover, the perpetrators or instigators of such violent acts usually receive short prison sentences only. These issues have received international attention as several governments, organizations and media have expressed concern over the ensuring of freedom of religion in Indonesia. For a detailed account regarding violent Islamism in Indonesia please visit our Radical Islam page.

Islam in Indonesia

By far the majority of the Indonesian population is Muslim. This does, however, not mean that it constitutes a coherent group. As the various regions in Indonesia are marked by separate histories and therefore absorbed different influences, the outcome regarding the Islamic faith has been different as well.


By May Slater and Nelson Groom for Daily Mail Australia

15:36 07 Mar 2015, updated 01:35 08 Mar 2015

Indonesian pleas for mercy have saved its citizens from execution overseas nearly 200 TIMES… so why are Australia’s appeals falling on deaf ears?

Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop

Ms Bishop warns Indonesia’s plans to carry out Bali Nine executions will could risk efforts to save 360 Indonesians on death row abroad




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