Baltimore Uprising: ISIS and ‘Palestinians’ exploit the riots to recruit black American Muslims

The Muslim Issue

The black community is converting to the religion of their main slave masters, the Muslims. This is an escalating problems from Obama’s lenience on Muslim immigration, and mainly due to prison groomings. There is a deliberate indoctrination and fabricated “brotherhood” Islam is suppose to have with blacks where an anti-government and anti-white agenda is the core topic. But Islam’s oppression, mass murder and enslavement of blacks is active even in 2015 and has never fully been abolished. Blacks are still referred to as “Abd” (slave) in Arabia and treated deplorably and called  “animals”. Muslim countries enslave over million blacks and non-Muslims.

The government needs to understand that it’s Muslims who stirr up riots and are behind the efforts to create problems and get the black community engaged in violent uprising. Blacks are encouraged to engage in anti-government incentives and activities. This is how the “Palestinians” and Hamas operates: propaganda, constant…

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