BREAKING NEWS: “Obama Has Devil In Him” Say Kenyan Family Of US President Obama

Breaking news: Kenya breaks loose on the fraud Obama. This is the Apocalypse. His own kin turn on the Devil.

Excerpt: “To his Kenyan family, Obama is a Devil.”

Obama the Devil

Thursday April 30, 2015 – To Kenyans, US President Barack Obama is a great son of the land and a loving father and friend, however, to his family in Kogelo, Obama is a nightmare dressed as a dream or a devil disguised as an angel of hope.
In an interview with film maker Mr. Joel Gilbert, who is working on a film about Obama’s book The Dreams from My Real Father, his elder brother, Malik Obama, brought out the real Obama with a devil’s face and stripped him naked.
Obama the devil in disguise
According to Malik, who is a step brother of the US President, Obama is a useless man who has abandoned his family in Kenya to languish in poverty.
Besides, he does not help in anything as a member of the family and is always broke even when he is not. After all who can believe that nonsense; he is the President of the most powerful nation on earth and cannot continuously be broke – he’s just mean.
He accused the mean US President of even refusing to help with the funeral arrangements of his aunt Zaituni, who died in the US, including transporting the corpse to Kenya for burial.
He said Obama told them that he was broke and the expenses were high and therefore he could not help, prompting the family to beg for money for almost a month to have Zaituni’s body air lifted to Kenya.
“As a family, we tried to beg the US President to contribute money to transport Zaituni’s body to Kenya for burial, but he refused saying he could not afford the cost. We were forced to fundraise for almost a month to bring the body home,” said the visibly irked Malik.
Malik noted that his brother, Obama, changed for the worse immediately he became President and ever since he has always considered his Kenyan family as enemies and low class.
He revealed how the US President frustrated them when they attended his inauguration where they had to use the backdoor to get to him. The same still happens even today as they have to visit him at night in the White House or use the backdoor to see him. And even with that, he still doesn’t trust any of them as they have to go through thorough screening.
He regretted being Obama’s brother and trashed his planned visit to Kenya as a waste of time.
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 OBAMA's family disown him
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