ISIS Executions.. Unveiled (Video)

sharia unveiled

ISIS NEW Flag 1 - Copy

Pictured above:  The NEW flag of the Islamic State (ISIS.) – Accurate for 1,400 years and counting…

Spreading ‘Peace’ at the Speed of Light…

If I can say nothing else good about ISIS, at least they are true to their ‘faith.’

Think about it.

Unlike many Muslims today, who tell us how peaceful and loving Islam is and “attempt” to fill our heads with deception and lies.. ISIS not only proclaims the true tenets of Islam, but lives them. They bring the 1,400 year-old words and actions of Muhammad from the parchment to the present.

WARNING: This Video Contains ISLAM.

ISIS Executions.. Unveiled:

Video source:

Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press:

Not only worth dying for, but worth killing for…

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