Thailand: Muslim human traffickers leave Rohingya’s to starve in bamboo cages

The Muslim Issue

The media is not giving the whole picture here, surprise surprise.

Fifty Rohingya’s was left in bamboo cages to starve to death, by their Muslim smugglers trying to get them into Thailand. But who are these Rohingya’s? Three years ago Qatar was active in recruiting over 3,000 jihadist to flood into Thailand and Burma to slaughter Buddhist. The fatwa to kill Buddhist reached as far as to clerics in Australia who didn’t mind being filmed while calling for the killing of Buddhist and Hindus. The decision to infiltrate into Buddhist countries, especially those opposing Islamic expansion, was part of the emergence and expansion of Isis, who had concealed themselves as al-Nusra Front “resistance” movement when they started entering Syria. Many current members of Islamic state claim they got their initial training through al-Nusra Front before they got transferred to Isis. Rohingya Muslims and their endless illegal migration into Burma is…

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