UK: Mosque claims ‘myths and hysteria surrounds our religion’ as parents pull children from mosque visit

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Hadith: Paradise is under the shade of swords
Hadith prophet blinded them hands and feet cut
Hadith apostasy kill


Parents ban their children from joining primary school religious education trip to a local mosque amid fears they would ‘be shot’

  • 10 pupils pull out of trip to mosque after parents express ‘grave concerns’
  • One parent expressed fears of child being exposed to ‘violence and guns’
  • Lostwithiel School in Cornwall planned RE trip to Exeter mosque next week
  • However, other parents backed trip to promote education of various faiths

Sally Cox, 39, stopped her son Jed Pearce, 10 (pictured together above), from going on the mosque trip, expressing fears of 'violence and guns'

Children as young as eight have been banned by their parents from attending a British mosque as part of a school trip over ‘safety’ fears, with one mother claiming she ‘doesn’t want to put her son at risk of being shot’.

Nearly 100 primary pupils…

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