UK: Oxford Uni student sexually assaulted by Somali immigrant

The Muslim Issue

Just one more case added to an ever-growing number of Muslim sex victims. Charge the British polticians with conspiracy to rape for bringing them in. They must be made responsible for these crimes that they force onto the people. Strangely enough they never bring in the victims of Muslim violence into the country.


Teenager in sex attack on defiant Oxford girl whose open letter to her assailant prompted outpouring of support

  • Ione Wells, 20, wrote a letter to her assailant in her student newspaper 
  • Undergraduate’s attacker was a 17-year-old migrant from Somalia 
  • Pleaded guilty to sexual assault and is due to be sentenced next week 

This is the first picture of the 17-year-old who sexually assaulted Oxford University student Ione Wells outside her home

This is the first picture of the teenager who sexually assaulted an…

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