France ‘rescues’ more illegal Muslims off the coast of Libya

The Muslim Issue

WTF! They need no rescue. They need to be shot if they try to encroach and approach the waterlines of Europe. Period. Muslims have been forcing their presence on countries in landgrab for centuries. Of course they feel entitled. As always.

Slap the French government with a lawsuit. Jail them. There needs to be a public prosecution against anyone and everyone who is part of this problem in political office. It’s time for them to pay up for all the damages they have caused. It’s France that has created the Eurabia we see all across Europe and even onto non-European shores as far as Australia, US, Canada. It’s France who have superimposed their policies onto everyone else under the fake guise of human rights, today using the EU as their platform, and pressured countries to take in Muslims. Send the bill to them and force them to pay up.


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