Quran: ISIS throw more gays off buildings and then stone their mangled bodies

The Muslim Issue

What a cheerful and happy religion Islam is, apparently the most peaceful religion on earth.

Apart from the rock throwing and roof dumping of gays, let’s not forget the obligatory Muslim drug and alcohol counselling: whipping.


The horrifying moment ISIS extremists throw a man from a roof for being gay – then watch as he is stoned to death by the baying mob below

  • The picture of the man falling from the roof has been shared on Twitter
  • It then shows a group of men appear to throw rocks at the doomed man
  • Came as pictures of men being whipped for drink and drugs published   
  • Islamic extremists ISIS are known for their vicious idea of justice 

This is the horrifying moment a man is thrown from a roof by ISIS thugs only to be…

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