Video: The Fall of the Umayyads and the Christian Response, 740-752AD – History

The Muslim Issue

After centuries of Muslim terrorism, Christians fight back to drive the Islamodemons back to their deserts.

Hear about Abdullah “The Bloodletter” and many other mass murdering Muslims through history.

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  1. To: Owner/Editor of ‘Political Newspaper’

    What an awesome site you have. I would personally like to say ‘thank you’ for sharing the truth from our site; ‘sharia unveiled.’ You are doing a great service by informing the public of the truth about Islam, that so often is hid in Mainstream Media (MSM).

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    J. Schuyler Montague | editor
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    • To Sharia unveiled.
      Thank you for your positive feedback. We strive to expose the truth that is hidden.
      Your articles are much appreciated in spreading the cause / exposure.
      I myself MJ, am a new addition to Political Newspaper.
      Your hard work is greatly appreciated.
      Thank you for adding us.
      From MJ (Melissa)


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