Maleny Dairy says NO TO HALAL

Melissa Jayne > Maleny Dairies

Apr 11 at 8:57pm ·

Utmost respect to you & your company!

The certification board is an absolute scam…

The board state’s, that everything is Haram (Forbidden)

Unless it is certified by the board….

Which is totally opposite to what the Qur’an says in scriptures.

It is also haram (Forbidden) In the Qur’an, to profit off the religion.

So according to the Qur’an, they, the board are breaking two very main rules of their own religion.

Anything that comes from the land or is a product from an animal                                   ** It is Halal automatically**

Permissible from Allah.

They have been fooling people & companies for tens of year’s….

Congratulations on standing your ground..

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