Protecting Australia and the world from the Koran

logoAs most people are aware, there is a global radical war happening, whereby forces from many countries are fighting ISIL Koran followers who claim to be enacting the Koran in which all Muslims follow and obey, however, this war extends to all nations via the terrorism ploy of trying to instill fear into the weaker minded people and entities like the media for example.

A majority of global citizens are dumbfounded to see their governments support these people whilst at the same time have forces engaged against them, therefore a complete breach of national security obligations.  This has led to the formation of new political party’s in many nations who are attempting to address these national security and sovereignty risks.

In Australia for example, is the Secure Australia Party, who have devised the only real rectification of these matters in which virtually leaves Islamics in their own home territory, but shall also need a global method of stopping Islamic radicals from purchasing Aircraft and weaponry.

Secure Australia Party stated that if corrupt or negligent governments are not de-powered by next elections, then countries risk a takeover.  There is already the formation of a takeover in many countries via their creation of their own Islamic empire consisting of an islamic constitution, sharia laws, their own zakat tax, huge land purchases, massive volume of mosque constructions and muslim-only schools, halal certification scams, and it’s people getting elected into parliament and local government, but also in our police, defence and intelligence services, with Islamic councils being like the senate and mosque imams being like the MP’s but governing to the flock, therefore the middle east war is a smokescreen whilst all this occurs with our governments assistance’s.

To end this, we find useless party’s forming, who think banning a burqa or sharia will stop these things, therefore a waste of a vote and a bigger danger these will grow into bigger empires, whereby, Secure Australia Party has the right policies via experience and recommends other party’s even from other nations adopt their policies, as this requires a global effort, though will be successful in any single country where it is utilised.

Secure Australia Party policy is to stop the granting of any type visa to the people of the Koran, Enforce compulsory citizenship / allegiance, denounce Islam as a religion and classify it as a cult in which better fits what we are seeing of late, and stop Mosques and muslim-only schools and so on.


In the meanwhile, there is many muslims being killed in their own instigated conflicts, a form of cleansing, and oddly, even muslim versus muslim in which has occurred for centuries. Whereby, success in such cleanup, makes it possible for the less evil forces to gain control over the middle east, therefore setting the current ISIL type agenda into oblivion.

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