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Yet again, LOYAL  FOLLOWERS of the “Qur’an” speak out with bullets! You would think an “Art Contest” would not be dangerous? Drawings of cartoons, surely not? The subject in question, is of the supposed prophet Muhammad. An evil prophet of Islam, who to this day instructs war & death.

You may recall Paris January 2015? Where 12 innocent people lost their lives & for what? A simple drawing of Muhammad.

To Islam & its followers it is blatant blasphemy! Anything against Islam, the Qur’an and Muhammad is blasphemy. Anyone who questions Islam, the Qur’an or Muhammad’s evil scriptures, they are automatically a bigot, racist or hater.

Anyone who draws Muhammad, obviously carries a death sentence in Islam.

Everyone participating in the Texas art competition, were heavily guarded! Thank the good Lord for that. As these dedicated muslims followed their orders & sprayed the area with bullets. Thankfully only one security guard was injured. In a more positive light two evils were eliminated. Which makes for a very positive day.

The exhibition was in remembrance to Charlie Hedbo and a clear message of freedom to express!                                   Event organiser Pamela Gellar will keep battling the evils of Islam, even though she has a death sentence over her head.

Guest speaker Greet Wilders is the leader of the second largest political party in Sweden. He had not long finished his speech on the dangers of Islam. Talking about oppression of free speech & freedom. No surprise to hear, he is on the Al Queda hit list.               For speaking out against Muslim destruction and stating that multiculturalism has failed in Europe. As Islam doesn’t integrate, it disintegrates western freedoms & culture.

Texas is the third known shooting in 2015, over drawings! Paris, Copenhagen and now Texas. WHO IS NEXT?

The people committing these crimes       ARE NOT RADICALS….  They are simply Muslims, following the FAKE prophet Muhammad. This is exactly what the Qur’an teaches, no Muslim is misinformed. They are abiding Allah.

The sooner people realise this, we’ll actually have a chance!

Written by MJ.


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