Muslims are losing their plight

Muslims commenting in politicalnewspaper to articles seem to all defend what is being done under the Koran globally, therefore verifies that every Koran follower is a part of it all and seem to condone bad acts.
They express the arrogance and ignorance the Koran teaches them, and, they ignore the majority global populace whom condemn it all.

Much to the dislike of Muslims, many are now leaving that faith and converting to Christians and atheists and embracing new offered freedoms and protections from that controlling brainwashed cult book the Koran.

Using Australia as an example, they are a tiny portion of the populace, too tiny to take over, therefore the more dislike of them grows, the more alienated as a minority they will soon become, but permanently, unless, they toss away their faith for a far better life of peace, freedoms, inclusion, and a better life for their kids without excessive faith controls.

In earlier Muslim protests filling whole streets, this suddenly subsided to only the main leader radicals showing up in recent protests.

Online, many I saw chatting or chatted to, are saying they are fed up and that their leaders are using them for money, diverting from the faith for power and money, and each Muslim-only project they create makes them profits.

Many say their leaders speaking radically are causing them to be disliked, and then there are socialist uni student morons acting as Muslim representatives creating bigger harm to Muslims, and guess what? The first big rallies against Muslims in every state hardly saw any Muslims attend the counter rally held by socialist morons. This in itself shows the faith is dying and many more are about to abandon the Muslim faith.

Leaving their homelands is a loss to extremist leaders of many followers, allowing them the temptations the free world has, therefore losing their followers very fast, thus backfiring via giving a taste of a far better life and freedoms for themselves and kids, therefore faith conversion is happening in huge volumes and very rapidly.

The countries they migrate to, will of course, get the few radicals, but so far in Australia, their strike rate fits our average regular atrocity rates by any others who are not Muslims, therefore not doing as ISIL and Mosques are attempting to instruct.

Another interesting fact, is most who did travel to assist ISIL have been killed over there by our coalition forces within weeks, hundreds of them, in which highlights the top secret magnitude of how fast ISIL are being annihilated as they are trapped just awaiting their fate, but there is no virgins, just painful death, nor are there many virgins left in the world for that to be partly true, and only a brainwashed fool would believe that.

Soon most part infiltrated countries will shun Muslims and contain their growth and special exemptions and stop all visa’s, the final failing of the Muslim push which is easily 50 years premature.
As I see it, any Muslim commenting to protect these acts of the Koran, are defending a losing battle and remain brainwashed to a fantasy theme and therefore very primate, far too primate to even bother listening to their backing of wrongs.

Once Obama is ousted, AND HE WILL BE OUSTED, then full progress shall be made on shutting the door to the fairytale Islamic faith.

The international human rights commission deserve almost equal blame as Islamic people, and is actually assisting them into their pending slaughter, and is shirking its obligation to place peace keeping forces and zones to protect Christians as obligated to do, but rather keep funding for their own positions lavish lifestyle.

Losing prior wars is one thing, but losing followers of the faith is more a long term win over Islam as it stops a rebuilding.

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