Muslims a factual dangerous Visa choice, so why are they still granted visa’s

Not only terror incidents, but also divisiveness and other issues like building their own empires, having their own laws and taxes in countries they emigrate to, is more than enough to ban Visa’s to people of the Koran, moreso whilst our forces are at war with these people of the Koran who claim the Koran as their reason for fighting.

Governments now need to open their eyes or be forced to open them.

They deny a problem whilst schizophrenically admitting one via theirs and their authorities actions to it.

Soon, Secure Australia Party in Australia will be pressing for legislation to ban recognition of the Koran as a religion and point out why it does not fit religion classification, its divisiveness, and its threats, and therefore removes constitution protections which they exploit under the context of religion.

To further evidence why this must be done, is two more recent articles, both involving two separate states police authorities whom took the biggest ever upgrade on security citing Koran terrorism followers as their reason

In the first example, South Australia police want a new fortified police station simply because they fear terror attacks by Koran followers, therefore more than enough proof to public that Koran followers are adding danger with being granted visa’s, moreso after just months ago ISIL said it will focus on getting people into Australia to commit terror under our lax visa system.
To add to this, Government itself has raised its security level to high as admission Koran followers are a threat but contradictorily deny it if raised, however, when police start fortifying over it, then the admission is within the actions, where we do not have these problems with all others except Koran followers.

Then we have Victoria police raising their security to extreme levels, and further Visa’s increase that risk, and these actioned factually evidence local and national security risk in which Government is obligated to protect from such but still letting masses of these people acquire visas.

So why only protect police with compulsory body armor and made to travel in pairs and not the public?

There is more than enough reason to contain these threats by banning visas to this cult, so there has to be a form of pay-off or influence factor clouding their judgment.

The amount of problems these people cause everywhere is more than enough to justify we no longer grant visas nor recognize them as an official religion but that of a cult instead.

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