Why would any Government who is in debt, want to GIFT Pakistan for example, $24 million dollars, more interestingly, most main global terrorists factually caught, were Pakistani. Nothing stops them pilfering it or using it to fund weapons and is a gross $24 million loss to Australia and its people such gift listed as Aid. I justify factually, my claim this is gross negligence. Australia could make money out of giving this money, and prevent pilfering and misuse to buy arms, simply by supplying real type aid of food and materials but made solely in Australia so it creates jobs and boosts economy by purchasing $24 million of goods from our companies, IT IS A NO BRAINER RIGHT? So why is this not being done or considered? Are lost homes in Pakistan more important than our own homeless with no homes? As our homeless have no Government assistance and never have had such. Why is it so easy to decide to give our money away while we are in debt. Secure Australia Party in Australia proposes this but still requires residents to suggest the same policy to place pressure for change and expose there is a far better method. http://www.skynews.com.au/news/top-stories/2015/05/07/bishop-gives–24-million-aid-to-pakistan.html

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