EU imports terrorism proposing quotas to illegal Muslims ‘so they don’t turn to traffickers’

The Muslim Issue

The EU proposes to be the main trafficker of Muslims so Muslim terrorists don’t have to spend the funds and effort to do it. It’s not a joke. This is how stupid these left-wing socialists are. Is there no requirement for qualifications for those entering politics?

The EU is a perfect example why terrorism is spreading constantly and consuming more and more countries. The Eurocrats just don’t want it to end. They want to import it. If a body is diseased and filled with cancer are you going to inject more cancer into it, and believe it brings a cure and a solution?

There is no migrant crisis. There is a EU sanity crisis that allows these people to exploit loopholes, and they are rewarded for it. The EU has created and is perpetrating this “crisis” themselves. Muslim regions have always been filled with terrorism, filled with attacks, savagery and…

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