Honeytrap: Isis coax and trick men into gay dates so they can be arrested and executed

The Muslim Issue

Don’t tell Theresa Sparks that you oppose this. Sparks is the Executive Director of the San Francisco Human Rights Commission.

Sparks wants Islam.

She defends the right for Islam to exist, so Muslims in America can attack and harass more gays, lesbians and transvestites. Sparks want to encourage Islam and Sharia to freely expand and grow in America. Should you critizie Islam, desire to ban these evils, Sparks will assure you are branded an islamophobe, racist and bigot. Your intolerance to the persecution and torture of gays is not tolerate and will be aggressively and verbally opposed. And if you think isis is the only ones performing this coaxing to execute gays and is an exception, think again. This is a common trick and tactic used by the Muttawwa in Saudi Arabia, and by Hamas in Palestine, who created Isis in the first place.

#villagefool .

Write to Theresa Sparks…

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