Israel Now Enforcing Sharia Law on the Temple Mount

sharia unveiled

Temple of Ezekiel 1 (resized)

‘..He may have violated the Muslim-ordained prohibition against a Jew uttering a prayer to G-d..’

by, The Jewish Press | h/t Glen Roberts @ Trop

Jerusalem police Sunday morning arrested a young man who ascended the Temple Mount allegedly prayed there before his wedding at night.

The Honenu legal defense organization said one of its lawyers is at the police station and trying to win the release of the man.

The Israeli government accepted the Muslim Waqf authority on the Temple Mount. The Waqf forbids Jews and Christians from carrying any religious items to the holy site, and it goes berserk when one of its guards sees a Jew even moving his lips and possibly uttering a prayer to God.

It is not known exactly what the groom allegedly said.

The Chief Rabbinate of Israel prohibits Jews from ascending the Temple Mount on the basis of Halachic rulings, but many…

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