Landgrab: Muslim terrorists launch attack in Macedonia, take over police station demanding their own state

The Muslim Issue

Israel is not the only land-grab attempts Muslims have tried. They are constantly at it. All over the world. They have taken possession of country after country with relentless threats of terror against innocent civilians unless their “rights” and demands are met. And they always use the poor-Muslim-victim argument to commit their acts of terror. Muslims exploit the human rights concept as a tool to expand terrorism and land-grabbing. These problems would not keep happening if nations were permitted to govern themselves and remove the problem elements from their countries and societies without constant international (and often Western) interference.

Eastern Europe is another victim to ages of Muslim invasions and aggressions. This caused an unwanted Muslim presence in their countries, a disaster which has kept them in constant battles and tensions, and plunged these nations into military instabilities that flair up over and over again, deter other countries from trading…

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