Muslim pilgrim goes beserk in Mecca

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Pilgrim shatters peace in Haram 1

SHOCKING: A video grab of the sequence of events showing a pilgrim smashing the glass barrier at Safa with a chair and later resisting arrest on the hill.

Published — Monday 11 May 2015

A pilgrim breaking the glass barrier in front of Mount Safa in Makkah on Wednesday, then climbing the mountain while shouting slogans and later scuffling with security men before he was arrested has come as a shock for Muslims in and outside the Kingdom.

A video showing the man suddenly going berserk has gone viral on social media and drew widespread condemnation. The pilgrim is seen smashing the glass barrier with a small chair placed in the Haram for elderly people and climbed the mountain shouting: “I am Mahdi”.

Makkah police media spokesman said preliminary investigations have shown that the pilgrim, who is a Yemeni national, is a resident of Makkah and that…

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