NYC: Muslim Cabbie Gets Life For Pakistan Honor Killings

The Muslim Issue

We have medival savages living right amongst us who don’t belong in a democractic society. This is not even human behavior. Who brought them into the country, a total 8 million of them? The Obama administration.


NYC Cabbie Gets Life For Pakistan ‘Honor Killings’

By Tracy Connor
NBC News

A New York City cab driver was sentenced to life in prison on Thursday for orchestrating the “honor killings” of two members of a family in Pakistan who helped his daughter escape a forced marriage.

“If our daughter will not come back to the home, we will kill all five of you,” Mohammad Ajmal Choudhry told one the victims in a phone call before the slayings.

Choudhry, who lived in Queens, had ordered relatives to hold his daughter Amina Ajmal, a U.S. citizen, against her will in Pakistan — where she was forced into an arranged marriage, prosecutors said.

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