Palestinians have the highest percentage support for Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda – PEW statistics

Muslim Statistics

It is perhaps of no surprise that the Palestinian authority, a terrorist state, has the highest percentage support of Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda. Palestinians make up the third largest group of jihadists amongst Isis.

Statisics show that the world’s foremost centers for terrorism, Palestine/Jordan, Indonesia, Nigeria, Pakistan also have the largest percentage of support for bin Laden and al-Qaeda. Palestine had a staggering 72% support for bin Laden’s terrorism in 2003. This support has remained strong up to 2009 when it reduced to 52%, and to 34% in 2011, which is still a considerable proportion of the population.

Jordan, an extension of Palestine for Muslim-Arab encroachment in the region, harbored a massive 34% support for al-Qaeda in 2010 which should come as no surprise. It’s doubtful that this support has actually reduced to 15% a year later, in 2011. The reduction in statistics is likely due to…

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