CONCERNED AUSSIE CUSTOMER wrote into cadbury! Will they listen?


CADBURY SEEM VERY DETERMINED TO IGNORE PUBLIC OUTCRY! I MYSELF HAVE WRITTEN TO CADBURY VOICING MY HALAL CONCERN!  When will they wake up and realise Australian citizen’s do not want to fund a religion?  WHEN WILL HALAL BOARD LOOSEN THEIR GRIP ON NON MUSLIMS? I won’t go into it myself as this letter covers it all. I am unsure who wrote this to Cadbury, but it was shared onto Boycott Halal page!


Post to page I couldn’t bit my tongue any longer so I told Cadbury what I think today. Dear Cadbury, soon to be known as Cadburied ….

I stopped buying your products about 18 months ago. I support ONLY companies who refuse to enter the halal rort. I bought $80 worth of Lindt and $38 worth of Darrell Lea chocolate for Easter, and I buy Lindt cooking chocolate instead of Cadbury or Nestle now. It’s lovely and smooth to eat too! All up, across your product line, you’ve lost our business to the cost of about $50-$60 per month.

And we are just one family of three! I am a Christian, and to be forced to eat food blessed and dedicated to another (false, and evil) God is tantamount to sinning for myself and many Christians.

How would it be if Cadbury certified all its’ products in the name of Jesus Christ? Imagine the outcry from muslims then! You wouldn’t hear Chinese Buddhists protesting about the unfairness would you?

I find it offensive and affronting that this is forced on me to suit around 2.1% of our 24 million population.

What about MY rights? What about ALL non muslim Australians rights? Not one cent of their halal money goes to help Aussies or Aussie charities – it is ONLY distrubted among muslim charities, and muslim organisations. How is any of this fair or following the rules of democracy?

Read the definition of democracy at

Your consumers have been telling you for a very long time that we would stop buying your products if you remained halal certified. Yet you seemed to think it was a bluff, a lot of hot air and wind, that you could call and make it go away. Well it didn’t, and it’s going to escalate. Your sales have been falling steadily since this debate became more public. Your products have been constantly on sale, like never before, and clearly they still aren’t flying off the shelves. I read that you closed for 5 weeks last Christmas, rather than the usual two weeks due to a massive surplus of product that wasn’t moving so production was slowed right down. Yet you continue not listen.

I noticed two weeks after Easter that my local supermarket still had a whole shelf of Cadbury eggs/chocs less than half price and they were just sitting there. You wouldn’t have seen that a few years ago would you? While in a supermarket in a small country town at Easter, I heard THREE people within about 4-5 minutes explaining what halal was and why we shouldn’t buy Cadbury.

Interestingly, Lindt chocolate was flying into peoples’ trolleys faster than I’ve ever seen, and these weren’t customers in a wealthy socio economic area, but regular country folk and some looked like battlers. Yet principal was guiding them and it was lovely to see! A teenage boy grabbed his fathers’ hand and said “No dad! We can’t buy Cadbury any more – it’s halal”. An elderly man told the child with him to choose Lindt or Darrell Lea because he wouldn’t buy Cadbury for his grandchildren. If this is happening to openly in semi rural areas, it has to be happening in waves in our metro areas where sales are much higher.

Your customers are speaking to you and you don’t listen. Now they are taking their protest further and your company is being hurt by this. Yet you continue to dig your heels in. Why would you continue along this path to financial ruin by maintaining to compliance with the halal tax on your products at the expense on your once strong domestic market, and your staff?

Why would you pander to the whining, demanding approximately 2% of your domestic market, and risk offending and losing the bulk of the rest of it. Sure, you mightn’t annoy the entire remaining customer base but you are losing more of it every month, and look what it is doing for your bottom line.

Cadbury products are produced in several muslim countries around the world, to service muslim markets, including our neighbours in Singapore (not muslims predominantly, but a high percentage live there), Malaysia and Indonesia.

So it’s not like you MUST do this for export reasons.

Halal tax amounts to nothing more than extortion (yes it does; go and read the definition, then read about the evidence of threats and bullying tactics employed by halal certifiers against Australian producers and companies – here and in Indonesia) and put the puzzle together for yourselves.

Visit Larry Pickerings’ facebook page and read the series of explosive articles he wrote explaining the intricacies and legalities at play. They are factual, and he cites his sources and evidence to support the claims. Go and read articles wherein actual MUSLIMS denounce halal as a form of extortion on the non muslim world. Prominent muftis and imams around the world have spoken out about this and been castigated by other muslims – but these are the muslims who purport to be experts on the quran, and are their trusted teachers and leaders of their mosques, saying halal is a rort and is wrong! Go and read the passages in the quran wherein Allah says he has made all food halal for muslims to eat – including that of the Children of the book (Jews and Christians). He further tells them that when they are guests of non muslims, they are permitted to eat what is available to them and be gracious, and must not make demands for special treatment. His instruction is that when food has not been prepared by a muslim and they are not sure if it is halal, then merely need to “speak my name over it, then eat”. There is no sin if they are doing their best to abide by his instructions.

Yet, despite this written evidence, in the very book that the ignorant masses quote from when they say “but muslims MUST eat only halal food”. What a load of rubbish! Muslims are relying on the fact that most of us are lazy and won’t do our own research.

Islam is a totalitarian system for its’ followers and they want the world ruled by their shar’iah law. 30 years ago 99% of Aussies would have said “what’s shar’iah law?”. Under shar’iah, there are rules for every aspect of life and society – legal, judicial, military, social, parental, political, financial, economical. Isam has NO need to coexist with any other society, because its’ aim for close to 1400 years has been submission through domination and brutality, and rule through the shar’iah. Now it’s operating, illegally and under the radar, in our country and every other country muslims have stealthily infiltrated over these past 30 years – The UK, France, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the USA, Ireland

… Halal certification aids and proliferates their ability to control non muslims, and it generates an estimated $3 TRILLION a year globally. If all this money was really invested back into the muslim community by way of education, social and financial support, as they tell us it is used exclusively for, then WHY do around 86% of muslims in Australia need to live off our welfare system?

WHY isn’t the halal tax they make us pay supporting these people, and not placing the burden of their financial existence on us, the country that has given them a new home?

Shar’iah advocates for female genital mutilation, amputation of limbs for petty theft and crimes, humiliation of anyone who will not be oppressed by it, rape of wives and sanctioning necrophilia “so long as certain guidelines are followed in regard to the man washing his penis and in regard to what he actually penetrates” as instructed by their deluded messenger in his rantings, woman are considered half the value of men and can only inherit half of that of their brothers, women automatically have no right to keeping their children if the husband won’t let them in a divorce, they advocate polygamy, again because their instruction manual says it’s ok, they argue that forcing a wife to have sex is a husbands’ right and is NOT rape, they say islam “honours” women by providing their husbands and fathers with rules to follow in regard to how they can beat them, they raise their sons to believe they are twice the value of women, they raise their children with a false sense of arrogance and entitlement, just because they are muslim …. these and many other rules and laws they wish to bring to our table, ALL oppress and subjugate women and non muslims.

Thankfully, Tony Abbott has shown us recently he has a pair, and is using his power to bring their plans to a screaming halt here. Thankfully HE is seeing what is happening and how everything to do with islam is interwoven from the very core of it and its’ world domination plan to establish the global muslim caliphate.

They are hoping to achieve this by 2030, and have made enough progress into our societies (very quietly, so we didn’t notice until it was almost too late) over the last 30 years that they have announced they are ahead of their target year. , This really isn’t a hard puzzle to work out, but you do have to take those “islam is awesome” goggles off long enough to read and comprehend clearly and put the pieces together.

I was first told of this plan back in 1992 in a south east Asian country I was living in, by what I now know were islamic fundamentalists. They outlined how easy it would be – “Simple! (he said with a loud chuckle and a slap on his mates’ shoulder).

You will let us enter your countries, and we will use your democractic laws and human rights protections against you to protect our brother and sisters, and help them establish among you. We will become your politicians and leaders, and we will establish the shar’iah for you. We will outbreed you all – look! How many children will you have? Two, three, maybe four? How many do we muslims have? 6, 8, 10 sometimes 12 or more. Two generations is all it will take us, just watch and you will see”.

I thought this guy was absolutely crazy back then. Seems he was spot on doesn’t it?

The simple facts is that if you remove halal certification from your products you will find your customers will return, and your company will prosper again.

Refuse to give up halal and I really do think you will soon be jokingly referred to as Cadburied.

Yet another former iconic product people remember wistfully as they tell the story generations from now about what happened to Cadbury chocolate in Australia.




We as Australians want our human rights respected! Other religions should be respected!

It is forbidden for other religions to consume food dedicated to another god. In the Qur’an there is a verse, stating that it is permissible for other’s to consume Halal.

But it simply isn’t in OUR SCRIPTURES!

The halal boards are making it near impossible to buy non Halal in Australia. Muhamed Elmouetly of halal Australia, smugly says “well don’t eat it”. So now, do we not eat bread, meat or drink milk and many different item’s? He has publicly stated how rich he has become off certification!

Any profits go directly to  MUSLIM AGENDA ONLY.


If anyone would like information on halal items sold in Australia, head over to HALAL CHOICES.

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