Saudi Arabia: Sunni suicide bomber dressed as a woman in a burka blows up car outside Shia mosque

The Muslim Issue

Add a like and share this page if you agree that the Saudi government is secretly supportive of these racist hate attacks on Shiites. This is the second attack against Shia Muslims within a week in Saudi Arabia. If they can keep a track even on the nailpolish of the women in the kingdom, they can certaily keep a track on their prospected suicide bombers.

The Sunni’s harass Shia Muslims, unprovoked, even during Hajj at the Kaaba. The Kaaba is a pre-Islamic shrine confiscated by Muslims, that was a sacred sanctuary and a site of pilgrimage of Nabateans who visited the shrine once a year to perform their pilgrimage. The famous Al Khazneh structure in Petra was created by the Nabateans. During the time of Mohammed the black stone from the Kaaba was removed by the Qarmatians, known as Greengrocers because they were vegetarians, who carried the stone back to…

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