Spanish Analyst: Spain has become a hotbed of extremism as radicals have entered Spain from France

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Spain 'in eye of the storm of jihad', warns expertA man suspected of links to Islamic State groups is arrested during an antijihadist police operation in Sabadell, Catalonia on April 8th. Photo: Quique Garcia / AFP.

Spain ‘in eye of the storm of jihad’, warns expert

Published: 09 Jun 2015 12:58 GMT+02:00

A German-American foreign policy expert warned that Spain is at a heightened risk of radical jihadists, even as the government continues its crackdown on suspected terrorists.

Soeren Kern of the American Gatestone Institute think-tank explained the growing concerns about radical jihadists in the country in an essay published on Saturday June 6th.

Kern referenced an Interior Ministry report last month that revealed authorities have arrested 568 jihadists over the past ten years in 124 different operations, but emphasized that the same report also estimated the probability of an attack in Spain to be 70 percent.

Spanish authorities have been increasingly cracking down on suspected terrorists in…

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