Today I wrote this to a Leftist group. Who knows, maybe some will sink in?

K****e R*****n 99.9% is a farce I’m sorry. Everything terrorists do, IS in the Qur’an. Just like blending in quietly, distancing from jihad, making friends with non Muslims, drinking & doing drugs, influencing government for cohesive society, having the bible replaced- it is all in the Qur’an. I pride myself on researching all angles & facts. That’s why I don’t comment on most things said. But I detest true racism, I don’t & have never agreed with white supremacy, I dont agree with nazism, am against violence. I agree with much here. But I also know Islam creates killer’s. It doesn’t matter that it is a small percentage, as that small percentage is in the millions – More than Australia’s population! So in reality it is a very dangerous situation & because the blastard UN / Obama dragged us into war, terrorism is a part of Australia now.

I’m tired & exhausted of terrorism being played down. It is reality & it is here more so than we even know.

Does anyone remember the 2012 Sydney riots, over the Muhammad movie made? How many several million hit the street’s worldwide? Because, over a movie! Yet Kristine you say that 99.9% oppose terrorists?

How about the Mein Kemph in Arabic is the 2nd top seller “Worldwide” after the Qur’an? Islam only teaches one thing & that is islamification across the world. Charity to only Muslims, peace only when you submit to Allah. Generosity to only Muslims. Donations to Muslim only schools, Muslim charities, Muslim elderly home’s, Muslim Tafe courses, mosques, Muslim businesses. It & all only goes to islamification. With all the billions from halal – has $1.00 ever been donated to ANY Australian charities or medical research? Has any money ever gone to Australian disaster’s? Any money to Australian hospitals or emergency services? Halal food is forbidden to Christians, Catholics, Sikhs, Buddhists, Mormons, Anglicans , Jews & many more religions?

Muslims are allowed to eat kosher or meat slaughtered by a Christian. If they eat something forbidden, they are automatically forgiven.

Seriously what picture does that paint, without going into detail?

Has Islam integrated? Or has it segregated itself from other’s? Have they blended in to society? Or have they made a point to everyone, that they are different from everyone else? Have they adopted Australian culture? Or have they been changing Australian culture to suit Islam? Have they left bibles to stay in hospitals? Or have they had them removed & replaced them with the Qur’an. Have they let hospitals & schools serve non halal food? (to accommodate Christians, Catholics, Jews, Buddhists, Mormons, Anglicans, monk’s)? Or is it all now halal?

Have nurse’s been sacked, because they refused to eat halal food? Yes.

Has halal dominated 80% of ALL Australian products? Yes.

23 million people have halal products imposed on them, to cater for 500,000.

Can you notice a pattern here?


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