"There's No Change Without CHANGE"


We all know Islam is spreading rapidly worldwide, especially with the world’s technology and transportation.

Islam is spread by pure people power, ultimately using today’s techniques of communication strengthening Islam globally.
Modes of transport are used whether it be by boat, plane, car’s and buses. Communication via internet, phone’s, television, papers, billboards and so on. Building Mosques where ever they can.

The amount of avenues available that are spreading Islam as a religion of peace is staggering, only divulging the good of Islam far and wide. Omitting much evil concealed in the doctrine which is in the Qur’an. Many of Islam’s traditions and rituals were pre-Islamic. When Muhammad tried to begin islam it was a very peaceful religion taught originally in Medinah, but pre Islamic tribes that Muhammad had grown up with threw Muhammad out of the city. Muhammad was attempting to change the known religion in…

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