"There's no change without CHANGE"


To whom it may concern, Faith Victoria.

I came across a statement this afternoon (last week) from your establishment, which is being shown via a communist/anarchy page called ReclaimWhat, in regards to what you think Reclaim Australia rallies are about. So thought it my duty to correct your misconceptions.

( Faith Victoria’s statement is no longer on ReclaimWhat page. Maybe they didn’t appreciate it being displayed there?)

Unfortunately the mass majority of supporters have been portrayed extremely bad. Media for one have concentrated only on questionable people, people that don’t represent Reclaim members at all. The mass majority are parents, grand parents & great grand parents. We are of different faiths & all nationalities. unnamed (51)-20150713-224548928 We are simply standing up for our rights as Australian Citizens and for our constitution to be upheld. Which everything I have mentioned is being eroded away because of one particular group of…

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